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Mike and Seira Wogsland      Senior/Teaching Pastor

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  You may have asked the question – What is Liberty Church Kyoto? We are a family of friends who desire to live and do life together all for the purpose of proclaiming the glory and majesty of the One, Jesus Christ, who saved us from a life of no meaning and has now given us a reason, purpose, and a hope! Our church is not about following a set of religious rules, but rather growing into the freedom that Jesus has given us, and we are constantly learning how to define ourselves by His Love. At Liberty Church Kyoto you are among friends and family, if there is anything we can do to help you, or if you just need someone to listen to you, you will always find us ready and available – Life is tough, but it’s easier if we live life together. We hope and pray you will enjoy your time when you visit us, but most importantly our desire is that you will see Jesus Christ in us, and that you will find the joy that comes from knowing just how much Jesus loves you! ​​​​​​ – From Pastor Mike and Seira

時間をかけて私たちのホームページを見てくださってありがとうございます。  皆さん思ってるかもしれません…リバティー・チャーチ京都って何? 私たちは、唯一イエス・キリストの偉大さと栄光を宣言するため、共に歩もうとする仲間でできている家族のようなものです。彼は私たちを無意味な人生から救い、生きる理由、目的、そして希望を与えてくれました! この教会はある一定の宗教的ルールに従うための場ではなく、イエスさまがくれた自由と愛の中で生きるため共に成長し学び合う場所です。 リバティー・チャーチ京都では友達や家族と一緒です。助けが必要だったり、ただ話を聞いてくれる人が必要ならいつでもここにいます。人生大変なことも多いけど、共に歩むほうが楽ですよね。来られた時には是非楽しんでもらいたいですが、それ以上に私たちの内にイエス・キリストを見て皆さんもイエスさまがこれだけあなたのことを愛しているんだということを知り、そのことから来る喜びを見つけてもらえることが一番の願いです! 牧師・マイクと聖良より


SAVE THE DATE - Upcoming Guest Speaker on 10/18/2015:

We are so excited to have Pastor TOMOYOSHI YAMANAKA from Kyoto Onnuri Church & Kyoto International Church coming to share God’s Word with us on 10/18/2015



An Amazing group of mission minded, Christ loving, superheroes from LIBERTY CHURCH NORTH CAMPUS will be coming to serve the Japanese people from 10/27 – 11/04. They will be involved in a lot of different ministry opportunities from prayer walks, to public school ministries. They will be helping us make ministry videos, and they will be playing the worship as our special guests for Liberty Church Kyoto’s 1 year anniversary. They will be doing ministry on the streets through concerts, and doing leading fall festivals in Flying Tiger’s Spill Bar!

It’s gonna be awesome – Save the dates!


It’s Liberty Church Kyoto’s


It’s gonna be a great time of celebrating the miracles of God in this last year! We are gonna have our Special Guests: the Liberty Church North Campus Mission Team – leading us in special worship! There is gonna be a special service for kids, and there is gonna be snacks! Come on out – invite your friends! It’s gonna be a party!

  • Sunday morning services every week at 10:30am!
  • Church Location: Fly Dance Studio
  • Teramachi St. Utanokoji Bldg. 3F
  • 1 minute walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi! (exit 9)
  • 毎週日曜日の10時半から!
  • 場所: Fly Dance Studio
  • 阪急河原町から1分!
  • 〒604-8043 京都市中京区寺町通り錦下ル東大文字町292 詩の小路3F
  • 四条通りから寺町商店街を北に100mほど歩いた左側
  • 阪急河原町駅9番出口から150m
  • Bible Study
  • Check Facebook page for next meeting
  • 1 minute from Karasuma station
  • Floral Mizuho Apartment Complex Apt. 203
  • Look for the big parking lot
  • Phone: 080-3766-2619 (Seira Wogsland)
  • 聖書勉強会
  • 次の集まりはフェイスブックページをチェックして下さい
  • 烏丸駅からすぐ近く(1分)
  • フロラールみずほ203号室
  • 電話:080−3766−2619(ウォグズランド聖良)

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